Day 1 – Very first video game

My memory’s a little hazy on this because it was way too long ago and I got a very early start. I believe my first game was Megamania for the Atari (Sears Colecovision in the picture), but it could’ve easily been a more well-known classic like PacMan or Space Invaders. Those are a few of the Atari games I still have and play from time to time.

Yes, the system still works (I’d like to see an Xbox do that :p ) and I hooked it up to my flat screen.  It didn’t stay there very long, though. I prefer the look and coloring on the box TVs, so I have a couple small ones stashed away for when I feel like playing. I’ve seen websites and game studios attempt to recreate or revamp these games, but I really don’t care for them. Nothing will ever replace the look, feel and clickety-clack sound of the original.


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