Day 2 – Favorite Franchise

I would have to go with Twisted Metal. I was enamored with it when I first laid eyes on it at a video game party in college. I was unsure of what video game system I wanted to get into the next generation of gaming. Twisted Metal (1) is what made me choose Sony as my platform. I had a lot of fun with 1 and 2 in college. 3 and 4 weren’t quite the same, but they were okay. Black and Head-On: Extra Twisted were a blast. I really wanted to get the latest one on the PS3, but my blu-ray drive decided to fail around the time I was pre-ordering and I haven’t gotten around to taking care of that problem yet. I recommend trying it out. Even if you’re not into combat games, there’s something very satisfying about driving like a maniac and blowing things up, especially with all the idiots on the road these days.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Favorite Franchise

    • #2 was the best on PS1, but you could certainly start at the beginning. There’s also a fun little game for the PS1 called “Rogue Trip,” which was a more light-hearted (and slightly perverted) approach to vehicular combat. That’s worth a look.

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