Day 3 – Favorite genre

I kinda gave this away yesterday, so I’ll take the time to talk about my other favorite, strategy games (real-time being the favorite among those). I have a tendency to be the turtle, building up my base and going through all the research options to get the biggest and best units out there, though I’ve learned to change things up a bit.

I’ve played through all of the Command & Conquer series (not including Renegade). My favorite universe in that is the Red Alert universe.

I got hooked on Civilization when #4 came around. #5 was a great improvement on that. The Gods & Kings expansion improved things even more.

Supreme Commander 1 and 2 are up there on my favorites for the massive scale of the battles you can have. Below is a screenshot of a replay between myself, a friend and 2 AI. This is one of those times I wasn’t quite ready for what was coming (about 100 or so aircraft), but I survived and proceeded to clear out the enemy.

Here’s how things played out:


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