Day 5 – Favorite version of ‘me’

The original category for today was “Game character you feel you are most like or wish you were.” I spent a lot of time on that and came up with nothing. Most games I play don’t often have a “character.” The few games that remained didn’t offer much in the way of any similarities, unless you count MMOs, which have taken up a majority of my time in recent years. I don’t believe it was the original intent for these kinds of characters to be included, so I changed the category.

I’m not one to role-play much, so I tend to just play as myself, with some tweaks. My favorite version of me is my Dark Elf Necromancer in Everquest 2. It’s not so much for the evil tendencies, but the intelligence and skills he possesses. I made this character a carpenter and tinkerer. I do a little of both in real life, making some simple items (like shelves) and tinkering on the computer. I can’t make trains out of furniture, but I can be creative with placement. I intend to build more complicated items, but I don’t have a whole lot of time for that right now. As it is, I’m trying to squeeze this blog into a month of moving and cleaning houses.

My necromancer standing by his Mythical update mob in Veeshan’s Peak


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