Day 9 – Saddest scene in a game

One might expect to see a comment on a Final Fantasy scene here. I would probably be writing about 7 or 10, if it wasn’t for Prey. This FPS about an alien abduction has the main character Tommy tracking down his girlfriend Jen. After saving her from a brutal demise at least once and a few other scenes of her being carried away, you come to a point where it looks like you finally rescued her. She’s trapped in this pod, saying she can’t feel her legs. The pod finally opens and you find her merged with an alien creature. A fight ensues. You kill the alien portion, but now she’s kinda stuck there. In the end, there’s nothing you can do to save her and she asks you to finish her off. I just sat there for a minute or so, not wanting to do it. Unfortunately, there was no progressing through the rest of the game without doing so I did what I had to and went on to finish it.


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