Day 10 – Favorite gameplay mechanic

(The original category for today was “Best gameplay”. I didn’t particularly care for it. It’s hard to pick out one game with great all-around play, when you play so many different styles.)

I hinted at this in an earlier post, so I’ll run off my top 3. My absolute favorite is sandbox play. EverQuest 2 is where I’ve had the most fun with that. I’ve made some crazy stuff by stacking and rotating all kinds of furniture. With the recent addition of actual building blocks, the possibilities really opened up. People have made a lot of great houses and designed some really cool dungeons thanks to this feature.

Cooperative gameplay is my 2nd favorite mechanic. I’ve had a lot of fun teaming up with people on campaigns in RTS and other games. A lot of friends I’ve made online are a result of this.

I was also very fond of the jobs system in Final Fantasy XI. This approach to classes in an MMO was a great thing, because it allowed for such great flexibility in your character. I loved having one character that could pretty much do it all, with regard to adventuring. Having sub-jobs created even more diversity among the players.


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