Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you

It didn’t take me long to come up with this one. Grand Theft Auto IV was a huge disappointment. I had a lot of fun in GTA: San Andreas. There were tons of cool vehicles to play with. I played around with a few friends on the multiplayer mod SA:MP. That made for an even more enjoyable experience. I had high hopes for IV, especially when I started seeing some of the scenery and hearing the catchy music in the trailer. Living near NYC, I was looking forward to experiencing their interpretation of it. The design of Liberty City is one of very few things I can speak positively about. The radio stations and the music identification system were nice, too.

The story was a drag. I think it would’ve been better as a TV movie or something. The characters, as I alluded to earlier, were mostly annoying. Having them call you up randomly and force you into these stupid activities was a pain. On top of that, you had to try and keep everybody happy. One of the endings was a real drag. I remember having to do this warehouse raid and boat chase repeatedly. It got annoying real quick. I remember reading somewhere that the numbers for people actually playing through the whole story were very low and people only got through a small portion of it.

There wasn’t much to do with the character. Clothing options were not all that interesting. Vehicle options were so-so, but you couldn’t even fly anything interesting without getting in trouble with the cops. Multiplayer options were pretty limited. This was on the PS3, where there was no modding going on.

To make all this worse, I had picked up the collector’s edition for PS3. The bag that came in that set of swag didn’t hold up all that well. I’ve never seen a zipper break on a bag so fast. I barely got any use out of it. That’s not the worst part, though. GTA IV was released about a month or two before PS3 trophies launched. You can imagine my disappointment when they released trophies for GTA IV (after I completed the story) and stated they weren’t retroactive.

As far as GTA V is concerned, I’m really not all that excited. I do hope Rockstar comes around and delivers something fun and exciting, much like they did with San Andreas. I’m not sure they’ve learned from their mistakes and the things players did to correct them. I’m not pre-ordering anything, nor am I going for any kind of silly collector’s edition. If I get the game, I’ll probably wait for the Steam sale.


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