Day 26 – Game with the best voice acting

We’ve come a long way from this, haven’t we? It’s a little tough to judge something like this nowadays. Any major game with a story to tell has a cast of voice actors and they generally do a good job. I went more for the amusement value on this choice and I have to give another nod to Saints Row: The Third. Again, I loved the multiple main character voices adding their varied flavor to the game. It helped add to the replay value, as I’ve gone through the story on a couple of voices. They even poke fun at some of the bad acting from the old days. Little things like that helped it stand out as not being the typical delivery of a story. The overall cast was pretty good. I had no clue who was in it beforehand, so I was surprised when I saw Hulk Hogan in the credits. I didn’t recognize his voice as he’s usually yelling into a mic. :p


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