Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

I talked SO… MUCH… CRAP about EverQuest 2. I was so bitter and jaded, based on my experiences in EverQuest 1. I was especially bitter and cautious due to the early hardware problems I ran into, which delayed my entry with the guild that was forming from a bunch of people I met on a forum. As it turns out, I was probably better off not jumping right in. The early version of the game didn’t sound that great. From what I hear today, it wasn’t. Sometime in early ’08, I would get an email from a good friend I made on EQ1, inviting me to join an EQ2 branch of their guild. I gave it a try and I loved it. I made some more friends. Unfortunately, there was also more drama, but that’s to be expected. Today, I mostly play on my own, but that’s more due to my free time. I hope to get back to some grouping and maybe even raiding after things settle down in the real world.

Hoshkar lays defeated in Veeshan’s Peak.



7 thoughts on “Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

    • I wasn’t really aware of what changes had happened in the game, aside from guilds getting access to halls of various tiers, which have now become a one stop shop. Travel was also being simplified. A short while after I started playing with these folks, they just made it so that many overland zones were all connected in one network of dock bells. The crafting system has become a little easier to deal with over the years. In general, they’ve adjusted things to be a bit more casual friendly, while maintaining an appeal to the raider types.

      What turned you away? I can tell you how it’s changed.

      • I dont really remember actually. It was so long ago. It just didnt feel very interesting, especially coming from EQ as an enchanter.

      • I see. Maybe it was a drastic change in play style or the overall style of the game. I know navigating through Norrath version 1 was probably more challenging.

        Another thing that drew me to EQ2 was the whole spell / buff system. There was a lot less rebuffing as most buffs are permanent. All the focus could be on getting the mobs dead.

        It might be worth another look, but most people I tell that to seem to be done with it after the first try. =)

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