Star Citizen reaches 3x its initial goal

I’m very excited over how well the crowdfunding has gone for Star Citizen. They had a lot of stretch goals after the initial 2 million dollar goal and there’s a lot to look forward to. I did a bit of pledging and I’ve already got a pretty good idea of what my shiny new ship is going to look like. 😀

Happy Anniversary/Birthday EQ2!

Today marks the game’s 8th year. As I’ve noted before, I originally disliked the idea of the game, but I’ve grown very fond of it over the years. I hope they have many more successful years. The anniversary also means a new expansion is coming. I’m really looking forward to the tradeskill changes. They’ve added fun stuff like mass production and experimentation (stat boosting on crafting items) and salvage (recycle certain crafted items into materials).

In other news, they’ll soon be removing the coin limit for free players, which should help encourage more people to have another look at the game. I tried playing for free at one point and found this to be one of the more annoying parts. When you’re max level with an 18 platinum cap, it’s tough to get anything with most items priced way above 18p..
This change goes along with the recent release of Krono, their new way of letting people trade plat for game time. It’s an in-game item that costs a little more than a normal month of play time, but it can be securely traded from character to character or over the broker.