Favorite quest

A couple of my friends are doing 30 more days of video games. As much as I would love to follow along, this is another month where it’s a bit of a challenge to fit in all 30. Despite that, I’ll try to respond to a post or two with a full posting of my own.

Day 40 (December 10th) was Favorite quest. It didn’t take long for me to pick one out, as I’ve done this one 9 times and it never ceases to amuse me.

EverQuest II has a lot of great quests and stories to tell. My favorite is the level 50 tradeskill mission. You’re sent out to The Sinking Sands (Desert of Ro) to help one of the contacts for your local trading organization. You get to her and she’s not feeling well. You start off making a tent, so she can get some shade. She’s still not feeling much better, so you’re sent off to one of the local desert merchants to find a book of remedies. You pick up Bert’s Book of Health from a shady merchant. What follows is a comedic set of attempts to come up with a proper remedy for what ails her after your previous attempt to help.

She eventually has a look at the book you picked up and chastises you for not realizing Bert refers to Bertoxxulous, god of disease. You’re sent off with the lesson: “An artisan is only as good as the knowledge he invests into his craft. All the recipes in the world won’t make you a master of your trade if you don’t know and understand what you are making.” You then return to your tradeskill coordinator with an edited version of the story and claim your rewards. ^_^

She still hasn't forgiven me.

She still hasn’t forgiven me.


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