Happy Frostfell!

With the Christmas season, comes the oldest holiday event in Everquest 2, Frostfell. This old favorite features its own zone as a hub for most of the activities. It’s a frozen bay with many islands. Scattered around the place are presents to harvest for crafting goods as well as snowballs and fruitcake to toss at each other. Questing includes various encounters with Mr. McScroogle and it wouldn’t be complete without an attempt to get him to see the error of his ways.

Of course, my favorite part is all the ice / Christmas themed furniture made available each year. Unfortunately, the items can only be made or purchased during the event. Due to the real holiday activity and birthday celebrating, I only get enough time to collect components and a few items here and there. Thankfully, this year’s event was delayed a week and pushed a little further into January, so I might get to plan and execute something interesting.

Below is a picture of the tavern room in my guild hall. My favorite part of this is how easy it is to just pick a layout file and load it up. Someday, I might get some other holidays incorporated into the space.


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