Favorite weapon

As I noted previously, a couple of friends are doing ’30 more days of video games.’ Occasionally, I’ll pick a topic and post about it. It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer for this. My favorite weapon is any kind of long range devastation weapon, like a guided missile or a remote bomb. My favorite and the most challenging version of this was from Twisted Metal 2. The Shadow car had a special weapon that glided along the ground in a straight line. You had to detonate by pressing the fire button again. The great part was it would go through some walls, so you could really catch someone off guard if you did it right. It was one of the more satisfying attacks in the game. The runner-up is the not-so-devastating mortar weapon in Worms World Party. I really pissed some friends off with that weapon. They nicknamed me the mortar sniper. So, if you ever meet me in a game where such a thing is allowed, duck and cover. 😉


3 thoughts on “Favorite weapon

  1. Ooh, one I did love, the “Buzzsaw” from Total Annihilation. I think that was the name, long range, repeating mortar lobber of doom that sucked up power like crazy. I would love playing defensive games just to build up a lot of power so I could plant three or four of these and just watch the carnage.

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