My return to Norrath (EQ1): Day 1

My first full day back in the game was quite the adventure. After attempting to get my UI windows in order, another friend decided to return as well. We headed off to find a spot to grind out some xp. Instead, we ended up being the ones that were ground. It was quite the comedy of errors and this is something I’ve come to expect and love in EQ. I should also mention that the last login date on my other characters was around May of 2009. I had no delusions of being able to hop right back in and kick ass like I used to. I spent a lot of time fumbling with my spells. Nothing had really changed, but I was never quite used to the newer stuff that was added before I left.

We started off on our way to one of the hotzones. On our way, we made a stop just before some aggro mobs. We got into conversation with our guildmates and I managed to inch my way closer to these aggro mobs and die. My friend had a healer mercenary up and it was kind enough to cast rez on me. Unfortunately, when it rezzed me, my body was still too close to those mobs and I died again. I informed my friend that he should move my corpse first before I took another rez. Eventually, I straightened myself out and we made our way to the hotzone.

I was lacking a map for this zone, so I picked an arbitrary spot to set up our camp. I was going to test out my pet before we continued further in the zone. I saw a lonely golem standing against a wall. We were doing fine for about ten seconds when we were reminded of roaming mobs. We proceeded to die there. I downloaded maps and we changed locations and died some more. Stupid things were done, like attempting to kill a named mob and sneaking through areas I hadn’t snuck through in ages. Eventually, my photographic memory kicked in and I remembered a great spot, where I used to camp with a necro. The mobs roamed right in front of us, but far enough away to not be a problem. Unfortunately, we were out of time.

I nearly de-leveled on my first day back. Even though we finally found a decent spot to get xp, I think we still came up negative, though my cash-flow was positive. It was humbling, but somehow fun. Coming from games like EQ2, I feel spoiled. I think that’s part of what’s wrong with newer games. They’ve made things too easy. People want to do things too fast and then they want more to do.

Anyway, I’ll keep trying to make positive steps in xp. I think I’ve got all the cobwebs shaken off and got my rhythm back. I just have to find some good blocks of time to play. This is becoming a challenge with all that’s going on right now. EQ2 has a long stream of events going and I have to get all my alts through. One friend has me playing DOTA 2. Another is tempting me with Starcraft 2: HOTS. I have another friend who only plays EQ2 and RTS games on random weekend nights. (He’s gonna love the fact that I’m back in EQ1).  I need more time in the day. I should also consider moving to the west coast, where a majority of these people are. Then I’m not staying up til 2 or 3 am. :p


3 thoughts on “My return to Norrath (EQ1): Day 1

    • The level cap is 100. I’m currently 85. Leveling doesn’t seem to have changed much, though there are more ways to get bonus xp, like mentoring and adventure potions. Powerleveling is still pretty effective.

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