My Return To Norrath (EQ1): Day 2

The second day was a great improvement. I’m still fumbling a bit and trying to get my spell sets sorted out, but I managed to get a group with some higher level guildmates. The xp just flew. I gained about 66% of a level through the course of the run. I even got some new pieces of gear. It was very nice of my guildmates to leave me tagged even though I swore up & down and wrote a dissertation on how I was done playing. I guess they know me better than I know myself. :p I would likely be playing on my own, as I couldn’t see myself joining another guild, when I might not hang around for long.

I bought a house

I bought a house

I was skeptical about the whole housing thing on EQ1. EQ2 has some pretty cool spaces and you can do some amazing things, but the housing in EQ1 has impressed me. The graphics are pretty sharp and there are so many things you can place or store in the house. I also get to have my house in a village setting with the rest of my guildmates. Best of all, I’m paying my rent with old alternate currency I had farmed up, so I don’t have a drop a single plat for a good 7000 days.

(in case you’re wondering, the floaty gold coins are a pet aura. I forgot how to turn it off, so I left it there :p)


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