2BR for Sale in Indigo Hollow, Neriak

SOE recently announced on the forums that along with the upcoming beta testing for the next EQ2game update, they will also be testing out sales of player-decorated houses through the marketplace in the latest addition to the Player Studio category. I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. The current implementation of this feature is a bit like selling a real house. You put one of your own houses on the market with as much or as little furniture as you want. Once its sold, you no longer own it and all the items go with it. The only difference is multiple copies of said house can be purchased. All items in the house become static and can only be hidden away. I feel like I have some sort of advantage, having dealt with a real sale and real people, as well as some people who wanted me to decorate in-game. Other people are caught up in questions of using Station Cash and rare items. I’m thinking about how to use the least amount of items (available for free) to make some of these places look nice and liveable.


4 thoughts on “2BR for Sale in Indigo Hollow, Neriak

    • Yes. It’s quite a bit of storage space. Aside from putting furniture inside, there’s a 6-slot house vault where bags of up to 48 slots can be placed. This travels with you to any house you go to (very handy for decorating different places). You can also store crafting materials in a crafted chest and soon they’re adding at least one more chest for storing crafting fuels.

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