Moo! Mooo moo moo Moo? Moo.

One of the more entertaining characters in EQ2 has been the Meatbeast, a cow that walks around on its hind legs, bearing some resemblance to a T-Rex. Aside from being a mob in the game, it’s also a deity pet for those following Bristlebane, God of Mischief. Hailing it gives you one of a few random responses similar to the title of this blog. Long-time fans of the meatbeast have been clamoring for a meatbeast mount. That day has finally come. In the marketplace, there are male and female bovoch mounts. On April 1st only, there will even be a pink version available for purchase. If the idea of riding a cow wasn’t amusing enough, a few people in the EQ2 team have put together a little behind-the-scenes video of how they went about creating the meatbeast mount. Enjoy. 🙂

I have to agree with some of the comments that suggest advertising with videos like this. One thing I’ve always appreciated about both EQs is the sense of humor displayed in quest texts and characters. This time of year is no exception as we prepare to celebrate Bristlebane Day on April 1st, where both games will have little graphical tricks being played.


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