My Return to Norrath (EQ1): DING! Level 100


When I started back at level 85, I was clumsy and unsure of what to do. I started remembering things. Once I hit level 96 (which was only about 12 days ago), I really started cruising. Now, I’m better than I ever was. 🙂 I solo’d a couple of named that were a bit higher than me. It’s only going to get better as I rack up more AAs.

I’ve been asked what I would do after hitting 100. My level is pretty much secured for now. The main thing I’m going to do is relax and play a little less.  The way I’ve been playing, I’ve had no time to set up my broker to sell stuff.  I’ll work on my AAs and Tradeskills.  I might work on an alt. I have a few different options, including some toons on a 2nd account. EQ2 had a game update recently and I haven’t had much time to explore that content.

I’ve been asked if I would raid. One of the people I play with is practically begging me to get back into it. I’m still not sure. My history with raids is not the best. I know I’m a good player and I can do my job. I just don’t have much patience for failure. :p I’ve sat around, trying to work on the same encounter 8 or so times. It’s not fun. I would be running with a fairly decent group and it’s always nice to get more upgrades. I’m definitely taking my time to think about it this time. Every other time, I’ve just said okay, got into it and got burnt out or had drama.


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