Back to EQ2 and Scars of the Awakened

Game Update 66: Scars of the Awakened launched a few weeks ago. It introduced two zones: the Cobalt Scar overland zone and the Siren’s Grotto dungeon. I’ve been waiting for Cobalt Scar since they first hinted at exploring Velious a few years ago. It was one of my favorite zones from the original Velious. It didn’t offer a whole lot in terms of mobs, but it was a fun little place with one of the more pleasant themes in the music library.

I’ve only just gotten around to exploring the adventure content after pushing to level 100 on my EQ1 mage.

I did manage to slip in on launch day and run the new crafting quest series. On completing that, I managed to make a few server discoveries on new carpenter items that were added. The crafters got a nice quested glove item that boosts all of the endline tradeskill prestige abilities. Experimenting goes a little faster. You can refine up to 10 things at a time. You can also use the mass production ability to make up to 10 items without spending any points in that tree. Before, you could only ever invest in one endline ability at a time. Now, you have some flexibility.

Unfortunately, being on the two games at the same time has reminded me once again of why I left EQ1 the last time. Everything is so dated it’s frustrating and I wonder how I actually enjoyed it as long as I did. Even though they’re trying to pull in a lot of features from EQ2, they still end up being a poor man’s version. There are a lot of ugly inconsistencies in the quest design and ability loadouts. I see a clear difference with Free-to-Play and their marketplaces. EQ1 manages to gouge you for more money on things you get for free on EQ2, like setting your pet or mercenary name and bags with more than 18 slots. There’s also the fact that you can’t simply unlock the gear labeled prestige, which is pretty much every top end piece. I’m left with a great deal of buyer’s remorse, as I paid up for a few months plus the latest expansion. All is not lost though. If I continue to play, I can farm up enough platinum to buy kronos to spend on my EQ2 subscription. 🙂 After that time is up, I’m done for good for the last time and I’ll even leave notes to myself, in case I get ate up with stupid, when I hear about the next anniversary.


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