With the upcoming reveal of Everquest Next, there have been a lot of stories popping up about people’s experiences in EQ. I thought I would share my own.

Everquest has been a part of my life for the better part of 12 years. My story actually begins outside of the game, on a message board, where I met some fellow gamers. We were looking for some good multiplayer action. Someone mentioned this game they had been playing called Everquest. It had released its first expansion, Ruins of Kunark. We all started brainstorming on ideas for what server to play on and what to name our guild. We started a website with a roster and everything. Everyone had their copies of the game and we were just about ready to log in and form the guild.

I had the game installed and ready to go. I played the tutorial zone to get a feel for the controls. After that, I went to login to the server and make my character. There was just one problem. My onboard video card was incapable of running the 3d textures.

A few months passed and I got a hold of a new computer. I got in and started my magician character, a dark elf in the city of Neriak. Unfortunately, most of the guild was mostly good elves, so it would be a while before I could properly meet them. There was one guildmate on the evil side who helped me get started and showed me the ‘newbie log’ in Nektulos Forest. It was a really dark and scary place back then. There were no in-game maps, so I was very careful not to wander too far from the walls or off the dirt paths.

On my first day in, I did some exploring and found this strange pyramid with a green glow. Around it, there were random piles of bones. I got close to one and it suddenly sprang to life! I panicked and did my best to run away, but it caught up to me. I would later gain some levels and exact my revenge.

Once I reached level 10, I started hunting in Commonlands and made my way to Freeport to meet up with my friends. When I met them, they were killing Lucan D’Lere for the paladin epic. They gave me a few items of twinkage to make life a bit easier. They told me how I could get over to Faydwer so I could hunt with them over there. I hopped on the boat and started making my way through Ocean of Tears. The boat stopped at this island of elves. I /con’d them and they were indifferent, so my curious mage hopped off the boat and started to get smacked by this one elf. In a panic, I ran onto the boat, hoping it might leave and I might get away from this angry elf. No suck luck. I was slain on the boat. To make a long story short, my body and all that lovely equipment I got was lost forever. Revenge was later exacted.

I decided to keep leveling around Commonlands and all those zones. I eventually made my way to Kunark where I met my friends and spent a lot of time in Lake of Ill Omen. Continuing the series of unfortunate events, I found myself alone on one end of the lake, face in my book, when something tapped me on the shoulder and took me out of my meditative state. It was a ridiculously tall Sarnak skeleton named Xenevorash. Of course, I got my revenge at a later time, when a friend was working on their monk epic.

Over the years, I would meet and raid along with other guilds and join a couple of raiding guilds. One guild even carried over to EQ2, where I would meet more people. I would meet some EQ1 folks in person. To this day, I’ve remained in contact with my original guild and we occasionally play one game or another. I still hop into EQ1 once in a while to say hello to some old friends who have been playing since around day 1 or earlier.

My story continues in EQ2, where I play a necromancer / carpenter / tinkerer, who builds some crazy contraptions and vehicles every summer.


I can’t get enough of this place


The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Saints Row: The Third was just added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Collection (free games for members), so I’ve found myself starting all over again. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge, since I don’t play many shooters on the PS3. I’m really looking forward to the 4th installment of this game. Here’s a preview of some new features.

I’m officially a citizen


My Star Citizen card finally came in the mail. 😀 I had almost completely forgotten about it. This envelope from China shows up. I was looking at it very puzzled, then I flipped it over and it said Card on the customs declaration. “Oh, that thing!” It was a good reminder that I need to start paying attention to what’s going on over there. It sounds like they’ll be releasing a hangar module in the near future. I’m very anxious to see how my Freelancer turns out. 🙂


Star Citizen card