So many games…

I picked up a few more games in the last couple of months:

Saints Row 3, Little Big Planet Karting, Uncharted 3 were all free on PSN+. The two part 3 games remind me why I don’t play shooters on PS3. I find the aiming to be clunky, where a k/b and mouse give me better and faster precision.

For PC, I picked up the Brave New World expansion for Civ V. This is an amazing update to an already amazing game. I’m loving the new ways to earn money through trade routes and all the new civs and their abilities. So far, I’ve played through with Portugal and I’m working my way through Venice (One city challenge, where you can puppet city states with a great merch.) I also picked up Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion during the Steam Sale. I’ll probably get a couple more games and DLC items out of that before it’s done.

I’ve been playing a few other games as well. I finally got around to playing The Cave. This is another freebie I came across on PSN+. I just need one or two more playthroughs to get all the shiny trophies. I still try to get in a good amount of racing in on Motorstorm: Apocalypse. A while back, a friend got me into DOTA 2. It’s been surprisingly fun for being based on my least favorite aspect of Warcraft 3 (heroes killing creeps for xp). All this has cut into my EQ2 time. I think it might be time to put that one down. I’m mostly playing that one by myself anyway.


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