Something EQ1 should do

Last night, I was watching the EQ1 and EQ2 keynotes from SOE Live. There was quite the shocking announcement made as we were introduced to the idea of starting characters at level 85 with gear, a mount and spent AAs in EQ2.  Details are still unknown and being worked out. All they really said is anyone can play them, even F2P folks. It sounds like a good way to get people into the game without putting them on the exact same level as everyone else.  It’s no secret that most folks tend to skip the first x levels of any MMO.  EQ1 sorely needs to do the same. The game is up to 100 levels with about 14,000(?) AAs.  EQ1 is a non-stop grindfest and it’s about time they did something to alleviate that.

At any rate, there’s a great deal of speculation over this announcement , whether or not it’s good  and how it will be implemented. I see them only giving the 4 basic classes in good and evil flavor. It can only be good for the long term health of the game. Having people come in at that level is frightening to some, but it also makes it easier for new people to find guilds if they don’t have to work through all that old content to be considered for membership.  It puts people right in range of being able to group with level-capped people. Those at cap might be more willing to run some of those dungeons that are closer to their own level.


2 thoughts on “Something EQ1 should do

  1. Not sure about that really since the heavy exp grinding really starts around 85. The lack of progress and difficulty of the game might be a bigger deterrent at that level.

    • True. There isn’t much going on there until you get to 90 or 95. Having come back at 85 and mostly forgetting how to play made it almost like being a noob again. Fortunately, I was already in range to group with my other friends. If that hadn’t been the case, I wouldn’t have stayed around as long as I did. I tried getting my necro caught up some (He started at 60). I gave up in the low 80s. It was hard to catch up or be of any value to a group with a pitiful couple hundred AAs, where Dev already had about 3000.

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