Thoughts on EQNext

I’ll start with my favorite part of all this: EverQuest Next Landmark. Anyone that knows me is very aware that I’m an avid builder of various structures and things. The brief sampling of the tools available the player blew me away.

On to the game itself. I like the art direction with the characters. Some say it’s like this game or that game. I don’t particularly care. It’s a nice upgrade from past models. The dynamic questing and emergent AI sound pretty awesome and the layers of landscape mean there’s a lot to explore. Multi-classing is something I’ve missed for a long time. It was great in Final Fantasy XI, but that game was a bit too time consuming for me. If I had to guess, there probably won’t be levels and only a handful of skills for each class.  Levels have always been a problem, especially in old games like this. No one wants to jump into a game only to be met with a ridiculous amount of levels to grind. I’m hopeful that I can get back together with some old friends and not have to worry about being too high or too low for whatever. We can just jump in and do something (if I’m not lost in a build project 😉 ).


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