EQ2 Heroic Characters: More details revealed.

EQ2 Producer Holly Longdale recently released some interesting news about the heroic characters, slated for release in the very near future.  They will essentially start out as or get upgraded to a fully geared character at level 85 that you can play for free until level 86. After that point, it costs 3500 SC to unlock that character and continue on your way to level cap (currently 95) or you can try another until you find one you like.  Before anyone gets sticker shock, it’s important to note that existing accounts will get to make or upgrade one character in this manner for free between October 1st and 15th.  A more detailed FAQ is also available.

At the moment, I have no plans of creating any new characters, so I think I’ll just upgrade a character that can be tough to solo up, like my coercer.


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