Breaking down a big re-entry barrier (EQ2)

EQ2’s Free-to-play system went live about 2 years ago. It’s undergone a few changes here and there, but has generally been one of the most lenient systems around with one exception. The biggest complaints people have made about getting back to EQ2 was the fact that any old gear would have to be unlocked for a fee of 40SC per piece or they were essentially naked.  With a potential of 22 slots to unlock, this meant it cost up to 8.80 to resume play.  That’s already half the cost of subscribing for a month. This cost multiplied substantially when you factor in any alts people might want to play and any fashionistas that had several appearance outfits that might need to be unlocked.  (I sorta had this problem with my main. Thankfully, he mainly wears robes and cloaks, so unlocking those wasn’t as big a deal.) This is all before you decided whether or not you were going to get caught up on the expansions.

As of October 1st, that restriction is gone.  Hopefully, it’s not too little too late for getting people back into the game. Of course, the question for a lot of people now is “why subscribe?”, as that was a key difference between the two main levels of subscription. There are still plenty of other reasons, but perhaps they need to look at adding some more perks to the gold level subscription. They’re adding a 15% bonus to dropped coin and 10% to ground mount speed. I think they should consider adding an xp bonus along with that.


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