It’s been a while

So, here’s the latest:

I’ve pretty much lost any remaining interest in EQ2. EQN Landmark being on the horizon is one reason. As it was, I pretty much played on my own. With the thought of better building tools in my future, I lost any motivation to try and finish a building project I started in August. It was basically going to be a giant tinkered dragon, similar to one found in EQ1. The timing of the project was perfect, as there was this big storyline going on with dragons invading Norrath. I got as far as the main body and wings, but something wasn’t quite right about it. My free time has been split up among a few things, including other games like DOTA 2 and activities like getting myself in shape.

DOTA’s had its ups and downs. I was having a lot of fun with that until about 2 weeks ago. Just as I was really starting to improve my gameplay and rack up some nice wins, I started getting this terrible lag problem which essentially makes the game unplayable and a challenge to win if you’re on the same side as me. I got yelled at a few times for being “AFK” or otherwise standing around in the middle of fights. So, with no solution in sight, I’ve given that up indefinitely.

I made my way back to the racing world, getting back on Motorstorm Apocalypse and picking up Need For Speed: Most Wanted. PSN has it (and other NFS titles) on sale now. I never had much interest in the series, but this caught my attention since Criterion developed it and I had a blast on Burnout Paradise.

Finally, a friend told me about a new FPS game that will be completely free. Renegade-X is a reboot of the 2002 classic, Command & Conquer Renegade. EA gave the rights to Totem Arts on the condition that they would make no money from it, so free actually means free this time. 😉 It looks to be a good deal of fun.