The longest running joke in my life

A few people that know me through gaming know what this is. It’s been my retired status with SOE games. It started with me deleting my epic 1.0 magician back when I first left EQ1. This character would be lost forever in the first server merge that occurred over my first break. Eventually, I returned and had some wonderful friends catch me up again. Since then, I would adopt the policy of never deleting anything or giving away too many possessions. At this point, you can tell where I’m going with this. It’s different this time, though there are some familiar elements to it. My poor old system can’t really run the new game I thought I would play (Landmark).

As is usually the case when I leave one place or another, I occasionally get struck with a bit of curiosity with what’s going on after some time has passed. Around the 28th of March, I decided to peek at the EQ2 forums. Lo and behold, I have two messages in my inbox from a SOE employee. On February 28th, barely a few days after I left and before I made my last post, I started getting invites to SOE’s Community Council. I had a good laugh over this and eventually accepted their invite. It’s something I’ve been interested in doing (though I didn’t know it even existed) and I guess I’ve put together enough reasonably expressed ideas and opinions to be considered. So, here I am again, slowly getting back into the same routine with alt hopping for tradeskill goodies and working on one toon or another. They even put in a patch that makes my summoners’ lives easier with improved taunt/detaunt abilities for everyone (including pets).


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