Blerd is the word…

*blows the dust off the blog*

but why? Why is this an actual word?

First some background, I’m a very mixed race person with roots starting in the Caribbean. After that, they go all over the place covering a spot in Western Africa and various Asian and European countries. I was a nerd before it was even cool to be one, messing around at the age of 7 on an IBM PS/1 and surfing the web on a 1400 baud modem. (I miss that sound it would make. That’s the sound of stuff happening.)

Nerds as a community and culture has always been very inclusive. Most of the people I became friends with online had no idea what I was for a very long time and I had no idea what they were either. We were good at playing whatever game it was and that’s all that mattered. When we finally shared pics of ourselves, it was like “ok, cool.” and we went back to our fun.

I saw this word pop up in the last year or two and I face-palmed. Anyone can be a nerd. Weird Al Yankovic’s song was titled “White and Nerdy” not “Wherdy”. What is so special about being a black nerd? I ask this because I see people writing complaints online about casual racism in the nerd community. By highlighting yourself as some kind of special nerd, you’re basically segregating yourself and inviting people to be racist. You yourself are also being racist by not hanging around other nerds because they’re not white or otherwise not black.

I can’t say much for those who happen to be nerds and racist. That’s just how things are. It’s not a problem in nerd culture. It’s just a problem in our culture in general. So, to all the blerds out there, stop complaining and just hang out with people of similar interests and enjoy their company already. And please for the love of all that is good and nerdy, drop that awful divisive word.

Say what?

I’ve been accused of a great many things on the EQ2 forums, including being a shill for SOE, but this takes the cake. I was apparently once in cahoots with SOE in order to get the server discovery on a recipe book in the game, while hindering all crafters and preventing them from getting it for 2 whole weeks. Here is said post and my response. I just had to frame that shit.

Tinfoil Hat Gold


Edit: Good thing I did. An overzealous mod modded me for political discussion in the forums! 😀

Expansion #11 for EQ2

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year for EQ2’s latest expansion. Our major story arc for Age’s End finally ended in a recent update. SOE Live had its keynotes yesterday, revealing the plans for the coming year. What’s coming next has me interested and excited. While I’m looking forward to the journey to 100 and new abilities and stuff, it’s the zones that really have my attention and bring up a lot of nostalgia from EQ1. For the 10th anniversary, we’re taking a journey through multiple expansions from the EQ1 universe, including Luclin (Ssra temple) and Ykesha (pirates, ahoy). The overland zones for this expansion are essentially making up the Ocean of Tears, which is especially memorable in my past life, as it were. More on that in a sec. I also find it cool that we’re returning to where everything used to start for us on the Isle of Refuge.

In my early days, I had many exciting adventures as I entered new zones. My first journey through the aptly-named Ocean of Tears was no exception. I had just leveled high enough to venture from Neriak to Freeport with no problems. I witnessed my friends take down Sir Lucan D’Lere for the paladin epic. I got a few nice pieces of gear from them after the battle was done and I was directed to the docks, where I would make my first journey from Antonica to Faydwer. The boat stopped at an island populated by wood elves. I knew they were supposed to be hostile, but from the boat, they conned dark red, but indifferent. I thought, “okay, I’ll just hop off and see what’s up here.” This is where I found out about one of those little glitches in the game, as the wood elves were actually scowling and one of them started wailing on me. In a panic, I ran back on the boat, somehow expecting to get away. I ended up dead on the boat. That was the last I saw of that body and all that was on it. I did try to swim back to the spot where it should have dropped off the boat at the zone line, but I ended up not finding it and zoning myself into Butcherblock mountains, where I then found dwarf guards, who gave chase and eventually caught up with me. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated over having lost all the cool stuff I was given, but it wasn’t long before I was laughing and joking about it, as I would with many other comedic deaths that would ensue.

I can’t believe it’s now been 13 years since that happened. I’m getting old. :p

The longest running joke in my life

A few people that know me through gaming know what this is. It’s been my retired status with SOE games. It started with me deleting my epic 1.0 magician back when I first left EQ1. This character would be lost forever in the first server merge that occurred over my first break. Eventually, I returned and had some wonderful friends catch me up again. Since then, I would adopt the policy of never deleting anything or giving away too many possessions. At this point, you can tell where I’m going with this. It’s different this time, though there are some familiar elements to it. My poor old system can’t really run the new game I thought I would play (Landmark).

As is usually the case when I leave one place or another, I occasionally get struck with a bit of curiosity with what’s going on after some time has passed. Around the 28th of March, I decided to peek at the EQ2 forums. Lo and behold, I have two messages in my inbox from a SOE employee. On February 28th, barely a few days after I left and before I made my last post, I started getting invites to SOE’s Community Council. I had a good laugh over this and eventually accepted their invite. It’s something I’ve been interested in doing (though I didn’t know it even existed) and I guess I’ve put together enough reasonably expressed ideas and opinions to be considered. So, here I am again, slowly getting back into the same routine with alt hopping for tradeskill goodies and working on one toon or another. They even put in a patch that makes my summoners’ lives easier with improved taunt/detaunt abilities for everyone (including pets).

It’s been a while

So, here’s the latest:

I’ve pretty much lost any remaining interest in EQ2. EQN Landmark being on the horizon is one reason. As it was, I pretty much played on my own. With the thought of better building tools in my future, I lost any motivation to try and finish a building project I started in August. It was basically going to be a giant tinkered dragon, similar to one found in EQ1. The timing of the project was perfect, as there was this big storyline going on with dragons invading Norrath. I got as far as the main body and wings, but something wasn’t quite right about it. My free time has been split up among a few things, including other games like DOTA 2 and activities like getting myself in shape.

DOTA’s had its ups and downs. I was having a lot of fun with that until about 2 weeks ago. Just as I was really starting to improve my gameplay and rack up some nice wins, I started getting this terrible lag problem which essentially makes the game unplayable and a challenge to win if you’re on the same side as me. I got yelled at a few times for being “AFK” or otherwise standing around in the middle of fights. So, with no solution in sight, I’ve given that up indefinitely.

I made my way back to the racing world, getting back on Motorstorm Apocalypse and picking up Need For Speed: Most Wanted. PSN has it (and other NFS titles) on sale now. I never had much interest in the series, but this caught my attention since Criterion developed it and I had a blast on Burnout Paradise.

Finally, a friend told me about a new FPS game that will be completely free. Renegade-X is a reboot of the 2002 classic, Command & Conquer Renegade. EA gave the rights to Totem Arts on the condition that they would make no money from it, so free actually means free this time. 😉 It looks to be a good deal of fun.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and wish all a happy new year.  This time of year gets to be a bit busy for me. I don’t often have much time for gaming, unless I get sick (as I recently did :p).  What time I do have, I tend to spend in EQ2 with their Frostfelll activities going on for most of December and a week into January.

I actually found the time to assemble something of a project. On the forums, people were posting pics of their Frostfell trees. One particular post wasn’t of a tree, but more of a pyramid shaped decoration. This inspired me to take things in a different direction and create something in the style of a tree made with my favorite Tinkerfest materials. The end result was something of a tower with some actual trees on it.


My fascination with all things mechanical didn’t end there. In the offline realm, I scored a cool gift from Santa that should come as no surprise to anyone that’s read this blog or is the least bit aware of my gaming habits and design tendencies.

SC2 2011-08-09_00001


It’s a Life -Phorm by Lethal Protection. Sometimes a tripod can be too cumbersome to carry around or three legs just aren’t enough. I’ve been in a number of situations where tripods aren’t even allowed, but I might get away with something like this.