My chariot awaits (Star Citizen)

My computer is in no shape to handle the game yet, but I finally managed to actually load up Star Citizen to have a brief look at my Freelancer ship in my Business Hangar. It runs at a whopping 6 FPS, but I have plenty of time before the final release happens in 2015.

StarCitizen 2013-10-31 21-25-23-15

If you’re curious about what it looks like in more detail, here’s a good video tour.

My new favorite crowdfunding project

The previous favorite was the Tesla museum being built on Long Island. It’s fairly close to home, so I’ll be looking forward to the opening.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a decent space sim again. Apparently, so has Chris Roberts. I’ve been disappointed by most offerings, if they even got released. Freelancer was pretty cool, but my love for bigger ships became a problem, especially in the modded versions of the game. Any little asteroid would collide and make any asteroid belt a real test of patience. I’m hoping that isn’t an issue in Star Citizen / Squadron 42. I’ve already pledged enough to reserve a copy of the game, which is not something I’d normally consider. I usually wait a couple weeks or months to see how things go with a new game release. This one seems to be worth it.