Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and wish all a happy new year.  This time of year gets to be a bit busy for me. I don’t often have much time for gaming, unless I get sick (as I recently did :p).  What time I do have, I tend to spend in EQ2 with their Frostfelll activities going on for most of December and a week into January.

I actually found the time to assemble something of a project. On the forums, people were posting pics of their Frostfell trees. One particular post wasn’t of a tree, but more of a pyramid shaped decoration. This inspired me to take things in a different direction and create something in the style of a tree made with my favorite Tinkerfest materials. The end result was something of a tower with some actual trees on it.


My fascination with all things mechanical didn’t end there. In the offline realm, I scored a cool gift from Santa that should come as no surprise to anyone that’s read this blog or is the least bit aware of my gaming habits and design tendencies.

SC2 2011-08-09_00001


It’s a Life -Phorm by Lethal Protection. Sometimes a tripod can be too cumbersome to carry around or three legs just aren’t enough. I’ve been in a number of situations where tripods aren’t even allowed, but I might get away with something like this.