Expansion #11 for EQ2

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year for EQ2’s latest expansion. Our major story arc for Age’s End finally ended in a recent update. SOE Live had its keynotes yesterday, revealing the plans for the coming year. What’s coming next has me interested and excited. While I’m looking forward to the journey to 100 and new abilities and stuff, it’s the zones that really have my attention and bring up a lot of nostalgia from EQ1. For the 10th anniversary, we’re taking a journey through multiple expansions from the EQ1 universe, including Luclin (Ssra temple) and Ykesha (pirates, ahoy). The overland zones for this expansion are essentially making up the Ocean of Tears, which is especially memorable in my past life, as it were. More on that in a sec. I also find it cool that we’re returning to where everything used to start for us on the Isle of Refuge.

In my early days, I had many exciting adventures as I entered new zones. My first journey through the aptly-named Ocean of Tears was no exception. I had just leveled high enough to venture from Neriak to Freeport with no problems. I witnessed my friends take down Sir Lucan D’Lere for the paladin epic. I got a few nice pieces of gear from them after the battle was done and I was directed to the docks, where I would make my first journey from Antonica to Faydwer. The boat stopped at an island populated by wood elves. I knew they were supposed to be hostile, but from the boat, they conned dark red, but indifferent. I thought, “okay, I’ll just hop off and see what’s up here.” This is where I found out about one of those little glitches in the game, as the wood elves were actually scowling and one of them started wailing on me. In a panic, I ran back on the boat, somehow expecting to get away. I ended up dead on the boat. That was the last I saw of that body and all that was on it. I did try to swim back to the spot where it should have dropped off the boat at the zone line, but I ended up not finding it and zoning myself into Butcherblock mountains, where I then found dwarf guards, who gave chase and eventually caught up with me. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated over having lost all the cool stuff I was given, but it wasn’t long before I was laughing and joking about it, as I would with many other comedic deaths that would ensue.

I can’t believe it’s now been 13 years since that happened. I’m getting old. :p