Blerd is the word…

*blows the dust off the blog*

but why? Why is this an actual word?

First some background, I’m a very mixed race person with roots starting in the Caribbean. After that, they go all over the place covering a spot in Western Africa and various Asian and European countries. I was a nerd before it was even cool to be one, messing around at the age of 7 on an IBM PS/1 and surfing the web on a 1400 baud modem. (I miss that sound it would make. That’s the sound of stuff happening.)

Nerds as a community and culture has always been very inclusive. Most of the people I became friends with online had no idea what I was for a very long time and I had no idea what they were either. We were good at playing whatever game it was and that’s all that mattered. When we finally shared pics of ourselves, it was like “ok, cool.” and we went back to our fun.

I saw this word pop up in the last year or two and I face-palmed. Anyone can be a nerd. Weird Al Yankovic’s song was titled “White and Nerdy” not “Wherdy”. What is so special about being a black nerd? I ask this because I see people writing complaints online about casual racism in the nerd community. By highlighting yourself as some kind of special nerd, you’re basically segregating yourself and inviting people to be racist. You yourself are also being racist by not hanging around other nerds because they’re not white or otherwise not black.

I can’t say much for those who happen to be nerds and racist. That’s just how things are. It’s not a problem in nerd culture. It’s just a problem in our culture in general. So, to all the blerds out there, stop complaining and just hang out with people of similar interests and enjoy their company already. And please for the love of all that is good and nerdy, drop that awful divisive word.